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Happy Halloween! Today’s foodie superstition is all about the mean, green, herb machine: basil.

Spooked? Its name comes from the horrifying basilisk, a half-lizard, half-dragon creature with a fatal piercing stare in Greek mythology.

Need anger management? Greeks and Romans believed the most potent basil could only be grown if one sowed the seed while ranting and swearing. In French semer le baslic (sowing basil) means to rant.

A cure all! In the Hindu religion, basil, or tulsi, is highly revered and used as a cure all from night-blindness to tooth aches to anxiety.

Love-hate relationship? In Ancient Rome, basil was a symbol of hatred, yet in Italy it became a token of love. Young maidens would wear a sprig of basil in their hair to profess their availibility. In some regions of Italy, basil is known as “kiss-me-Nicholas.”

What food superstitions do you follow?

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